The most awaited announcement

Johann Honathan was my mathematics lecturer at college. He used to be very strict but he was always very fond of me. He scolded me a time when I scored less in my mid-terms paper. The feeling of being scolded by him in front of all was very embarassing. Students studied hard to score good in his paper. I never wanted to be his scolding material, I always scored good in maths. Improved myself better and better in each term to become Mr. Honathan’s favorite student. Overall I was second topper in my college.

Mr. Honathan’s way of teaching was very different and he strictly warned me whenever my scores worsened. I tried hard and hard but never reached top. Mr. Honathan was never satisfied with my second topper scores and I always tried hard for the topper position. How much ever I tried, whenever the result came, I was second.

My competition was with the topper girl of my class and to become topper in Mr. Honathan’s book. The dissatisfaction of not getting first in the college made me work more and more. I tried more, more and more with most of time being spent in libraries.

To be frank, I never saw the topper girl of my class working as hard as me. She spent most of her time hanging out with friends. How much ever she hanged out with or worked less, at the end fate always favoured her and she was the topper. She had the confidence that whenever the results are out, she is the person of applause.

Time went past and the final exams were approaching nearer. These exams were very important as it was the final chance to become first in Mr. Honathan’s book. My days and nights went in studying, project preparation, presentation and notes making. At the end of the month, all the exams were cleared and it turned out to be ok for me. My previous semester scores being lesser, didn’t boosted my confidence of becoming topper. Still, I waited for the date of result announcement.

Finally the sun rise to the day of result announcement and by 11.30 Am Mr.Honathan was ready to announce the college topper. With little hope and greater satisfaction, I waited for Mr.Honathan to announce the result and finally the topper of most awaited announcement turned out to be myself which was one of the greatest accomplishment of my life in spite of scoring lesser marks in previous semesters. Mr.Honathan gave me a smile of satisfaction and at last my dream to become a topper in Mr.Honathan’s book accomplished. I gave my 100 percent but still everything depended on my previous marks too. This achievement was a greater realisation to the fact that hard work always pays off and in the end I became the college topper.

Amidst my joy, I felt a little sad for the ex-topper girl who lost her topper position. The greatest lesson I have learned was in order to improve, we should keep working on. Whenever we feels satisfied, there is no more improvement as we stops working. Also overconfidence can bring you down. So be confident, but never overconfident.

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