The birds that flew away

Three years back, I was on my journey to Munnar with my cousins. Munnar was a place of natural beauty filled with varieties of birds, flowers, hill stations and greenery. We reached Munnar while it was almost dark. There was only a kilometer distance away to our hotel where we already booked our stay. On the way, the car break down and no vehicle was available for a lift since we were in the middle of some forest like area. Our driver who was a local person told us that there is a mechanic nearby who can fix the car. So the driver along with one of my male cousin went to call the mechanic to fix the car.

We were 3 girls and 2 boys. We waited for half an hour, but they didn’t turn up. Finally I rung up to my cousin and he said that the mechanic is out of place and they would reach back by 15 minutes. So we waited for them to return. As soon as they arrived, we decided to walk to the hotel as it was only a kilometre away.

So we all took some of our bags and begin to walk to the hotel. After finishing half the kilometer, it was completely dark and our mobile flashlights were the only help to us. We continued walking and after 5 mins something giant fall in front of us. We were very scared thinking it for some animal in the forest and was not even dared to look at it. That giant thing was completely covered upon it with a black cloth. Adding to the horror, our driver also alarmed us about a tiger that escaped from the nearby zoo 3 weeks back. With much courage, we removed the cloth and in the mobile flashlights, we could see those more than 15 tiny little birds caught in the net of some bird hunter trying to escape. The birds fall in the trap of some bird hunter dumping one upon the other. We felt soo sad for the birds that were fluttering to escape. Me along with my cousins tore the net with our safety first aid scissor. As soon as the net was removed, the birds were sooo happy and flew away. More than the birds, we were vey delighted that we could save the lives of those tiny little birds. The birds flew away and we continued our walk to our hotel. Within 15 minutes we reached our hotel and checked in to our rooms.

The next day, we visited whole munnar and enjoyed the sights of hill stations and greenery. We had our meals from a nearby small dhaba where an uncle and aunt served us the food. After staying in Munnar for 3 days exploring Munnar, we returned to our home. While coming back, If someone would ask us the much satisfied experience of our journey, then it was always that little birds which were saved by us.

Saving someones life can bring much joy to us. An ant’s life is equally as important as to a man’s. So never ever hurt a creature. Every life has freedom to live on this earth. Enjoy your life together with other lives on the earth. If you could save a life, that is a most holy and purest thing you could ever do in your life. Atleast don’t hurt any living being which is equally worth to saving a life. Save a life and lead your way.

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