That frightful Invitation

Every child would love to visit their relatives house. Staying there for a few days Or even a month would be very pleasing but that was not the case of my friend Milly Harrock.

There was always one invitation from her aunt which she frightened. She never liked staying at her aunts house. In fact, chills run through her spine whenever she got an invitation.

Her Aunt Mrs.Shirly Fernandez always irritated and made her work like a maid with talks of double meanings that insulted her. She always avoided Mrs. Fernandez invitation with excuses. Then Mrs. Fernandez would hit her with rude talks and double meaning talks. Milly not at all liked to stay at her aunts place. In fact she even hated the thought of going there.

How much ever she declined, most of the times they forced her too much so that Milly caught some illness thinking about it and getting tensed. This was not a thing that developed very soon but from her childhood when she was getting insulted and sad inside again and again.

At once, Milly was working at some place and suddenly a storm hit that area. She stayed there all inside her room for many days. Finally her aunt rung her to find some way to get Milly to aunt’s place. Milly hated the thought of going there, but with no option in hand she went there with much difficulty and stayed there for one month. Soon Milly’s nights and days became some emotional dispute. They were not at all leaving Milly to go to her home. However somehow Milly managed to get back to her home.

Not four months passed, her aunt again called her to stay at her place along with her grandpa. Milly doesn’t even want to stay there. Again Milly started getting tensed and she got anxiety attak and stomach pain. They were still forcing her and Milly with much conflict inside waited for her aunt who wanted to take her along with her grandpa . Milly was on bed due to illness from morning. Finally after long waiting that moment arrived. Her aunt came to pick her grandpa.

Seeing Milly bedridden, Mr. Fernandez told her mom to prepare some medicine for her and tried to convince her again and again to go with her. With much difficulty and pain, Milly said “sorry aunt, not this time but surely next time”. Even after telling this Mr. Fernandez tried again and again to convince Milly with her sweet words. But Mrs. Fernandez all efforts went in vain and she couldn’t ask for more due to Milly’s illness. Finally Mrs. Fernandez left alone with grandpa and that was the sign of relief for Milly. At last Milly felt a storm breakdown and that was the time Milly successfully escaped from the frightful invitation.

Here what was the problem with Milly ? What made her hate staying at her own aunts house?

Yes the outcome of harrasment kind of behaviour that indirectly develops inside the mind of a child far from childhood actually created a hate for her own aunt and visiting that place. It even affected her mental state which in turn affected her physical health. It is very important what you nurture in the mind of a kid far from childhood because later they are what they get. Also they forced her too much to do something which she disliked. Here the necessity to understand how much a kid’s mind can be affected with the behaviour of elderly people is clearly seen. That fear of Milly was only due to the improper attitude she received.

Forcing, not only for a kid but also for an elderly person, forcing is as equal as snatching someones freedom. So never force somebody to do something. The most important thing parents and relatives should realise is that you get what you give. If you give love, you get love back or If you give hate, nothing can stop from getting hate back. After everything, forcing won’t help but only worsen the condition. Be gentle and kind with a kid, love them and give respect.

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