That day my students cried

It was not long before. It was only an year back I joined my first company after my college. Getting a job for the first time in life is very important for any person. I also was very much overjoyed to receive my offer letter. I joined as a content research analyst in one of the start-ups in Bangalore.

While receiving the offer letter, I didn’t knew life would take me to a turn which would prove to be unforgettable in my all life. So with all determination and motivation, I started working there in my daily schedule of 9.30 to 6.30. It was a small startup that started with an aim to teach kids coding and I worked in the Research and Development (R & D) department. As I was in duty to create the mathematics content, I enjoyed my work and my office life. Months passed and my manager was in hunt of schools to introduce this concept. Finally she could get hold of a school where her son studied. All the demo presentations were done by her and the next step was to do a trial of the course for 3 months. We were only 4 in the company. So with no teachers ready, she approached us…What? Teaching in a school that too in front of a whole lot of students. No way !! It was a clear rejection from our side. Finally, somehow she convinced us to take up the work.

So, It was our first day in a school as teachers. We had to teach from classes 1 to 8. The school headmistress gave us the time table which consisted of their free periods and we all somehow rushed to manage all of the given classes. We were completely strangers for the students and they were in full of confusion as to why these people came here instead of their teachers. Those little kids in younger classes were full of naughtiness and was not at all listening. It was a tough task for us to manage these kids without any prior training. How much we tried, finally the classes turned out to be shouting hall. Seeing our pain, the schools own teachers somewhat helped us to manage the kids and shared us with some tips and tricks. Day after day, the task of managing students was only getting heavier and we were completely lost in energy by the time school left. The more tougher task was to go and work in office even after soo much shouting and teaching in school. Some of my colleagues also caught throat pain after soo much shouting and our manager was kind enough to give some packets of Strepsils. With soo much pressure and hard work we continued teaching.

Weeks after week, the students were begining to recognise us and shower us with their love. They began to treat as their own teachers. I still remember those happy smiles of my students while seeing me in the corridor. After 1 month, somehow I managed to be teacher in those young minds. Whenever I went to those younger classes, student came running, hugged me and stood surrounding me. It was always a task for me to make them go back and sit in their seats. But in all these ways, they were showing their love. They created cards for us, waited for our class, gave those beautiful smiles but whenever they found a birthday chocolate with us, they didn’t forget to quarrel each other for it.

Days went in those pace and finally It was the end of 3 months of trial course to say goodbye to my dear students. It was the day I realised, how much they loved us. They couldn’t accept the fact that we won’t be coming to teach them after today. All those months of teaching and shouting were all finished. My students were in tears and some of them asked me to join in the school as a teacher. Somehow I consoled the students they collected my phone number. Finally that day too went away.

while thinking back, It was one of the most incredible experience working as teacher. We get a respectable place in the heart of young students. They recognise us as their teachers and remember us. It feels happy to remind ‘A teacher is always very dear to students whom they remember with respect even after their school days’.

Day before yesterday was teachers day and I dedicate this to all those teachers who ignited the young minds to be successful people.

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